Why Would You Develop A New CMS?

This is something that’s been playing on my mind recently after discussions with a couple of people that seem intent on reinventing the wheel, or CMS in this case.

With the plethora of content management systems out there to satisfy every need, from ecommerce to blogging, why create your own?

It seems that some people are intent on having their own ‘custom’ CMS to fit their needs. In many of these cases there is simply no need. Why reinvent the wheel?

Admittedly, if you have a fantastic new idea that there is simply no solution for then a custom CMS is clearly the way to go. But, if all you want is the basic functionality of a shopping cart, what is wrong with using one of the pre-existing solutions? It’s cheaper, there is better support, constant bug-fixes and it’s easy for designers and future developers to work with.

Not a particularly interesting post, I know, but it’s something that’s been on my mind that I wanted to get out there.

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