Lightbox Banner Ads WordPress Plugin [Beta]

This is a plugin that I originally developed a while ago for use on my adult sites. But, I figure I may as well release it publicly.

Lightbox Banner Ads (LBA) WordPress plugin can be used to display banner ads alongside media opened in lightboxes.

It comes with a number of different lightbox choices, including shadowbox, lightbox2. Ad positioning – above media, below media, over media.


This is something I hacked together for quick use on a few of my own sites. As such, it is very hackish and has NOT been tested. Consider this is a pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha release and report any issues so I can get them fixed asap.

• Disable any other lightbox type plugins before installing and activating this.
• You may have to manually create the banners folder in wp-content/uploads/
• Currently it seems as though only the shadowbox lightbox is working, so only select that in the admin.

Here’s a couple of screenshots…

7 thoughts on “Lightbox Banner Ads WordPress Plugin [Beta]

  1. This is a great plugin and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, but I’m wondering if there is way to get it to work on PAGES in wordpress as well as POSTS. I like to build galleries (for adult sites) on pages, then take one picture and use it in a post where the picture links to the gallery page. It would be great if you could let me know about this. Thank you!

    1. Glad you like it.

      Yes, this would be easy to implement use on pages in addition to posts. I’ll try to throw something together over the weekend if/when I get some time.

      I intend to further develop this out completely in the near future, so there will be a lot more features included also.

  2. Hey, Jacob,

    should it work like out of the box? Or anyway i have to add some rel=smth to pictures? Now i see that shadowbox CSS is loaded and shadowbox.js is loaded on site, but clicking on images does nothing (images do not have any fancy rel=)

  3. I installed this plugin but it doesn’t work. Is there a documentation on this plugin? I’m also curious as to whether we should set rel=

  4. ok, you asked so i’m gonna tell ya of a problem even though it’s been 18 months since any other response.

    uploading the banners no longer works.
    Error: There was an error with your submission. Please try again.

    This is the ONLY lightbox plugin I’ve found in a month of searching that natively supports custom ads. couple with adsense but who cares? Please, please tell me you’ve continued this of late and have something new!!!


    1. On which part are you getting the error? Saving the “Banner Settings”, “Add New Banner” or “Manage Existing Banners”?

      There may be an issue with your folder permissions, you may have to create the banners folder manually, then add it in the banners settings. Make sure the banners folder you create is writable too.

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