Hyperlocal Websites Workshop

As some of you may already know, I’m the IT Officer for my Constituency Labour Party (CLP). I basically manage the website and stuff of that nature, anyways…

The other day I get an email from another CLP member with a link to information about a workshop being run by Movement for Change down in London on the subject of developing hyperlocal websites.

Now I had no idea what the fuck a hyperlocal website was, but apparently it’s just a local website with a very narrow focus, essentially what a CLP website is, or should be.

Being as the CLP had agreed to sponsor me to attend this workshop I decided I’d register to go (can’t turn down free shit!).

I was unsure of what the specific content of the workshop would be and was a little worried it would be basic shit like ‘how to setup a website’ or some other such rubbish. I received an email from the organiser and it turns out it’s being hosted by Will Perrin of Talk About Local.

My initial scepticism has now turned into excitement. I love learning new shit and when you’re learning it from somebody who actually knows their shit it’s even better. Can’t wait!

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