bbp tweet WordPress bbPress plugin

bbPress plugin to automatically tweet new topics and replies.

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Download Plugin | Fork on GitHub | Donate

Future Functionality

  • Add support for custom prefix/suffix options for tweets.
  • Add stats tracking for tweet favourites, retweets, click through to topics/replies, etc…
  • Add support for selecting which forums to include/exclude.

If you enjoy using this plugin and wish to support further development, you can send me a beer.

Lightbox Banner Ads WordPress Plugin [Beta]

This is a plugin that I originally developed a while ago for use on my adult sites. But, I figure I may as well release it publicly.

Lightbox Banner Ads (LBA) WordPress plugin can be used to display banner ads alongside media opened in lightboxes.

It comes with a number of different lightbox choices, including shadowbox, lightbox2. Ad positioning – above media, below media, over media.


This is something I hacked together for quick use on a few of my own sites. As such, it is very hackish and has NOT been tested. Consider this is a pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha release and report any issues so I can get them fixed asap.

• Disable any other lightbox type plugins before installing and activating this.
• You may have to manually create the banners folder in wp-content/uploads/
• Currently it seems as though only the shadowbox lightbox is working, so only select that in the admin.

Here’s a couple of screenshots…

Get Category ID From Category Name Function [WordPress]

Working on a new WordPress plugin for a client, I found the need to get a category’s ID from the category’s name.

Surprisingly, I found that there was no WordPress function to accomplish this.

So, here’s the little one I came up with to solve the problem:

	// Function to retrieve category ID, given name -
	function get_category_id($category_name) {
		$term = get_term_by('name', $category_name, 'category');
		return $term->term_id;

Add this into your functions.php file or, if developing a plugin, into your plugin file.

Call it by passing your category name, like:

	// Assign category ID of 'Category Name' to $category_id variable
	$category_id = get_category_id('Category Name');