bbp tweet WordPress bbPress plugin

bbPress plugin to automatically tweet new topics and replies.

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Download Plugin | Fork on GitHub | Donate

Future Functionality

  • Add support for custom prefix/suffix options for tweets.
  • Add stats tracking for tweet favourites, retweets, click through to topics/replies, etc…
  • Add support for selecting which forums to include/exclude.

If you enjoy using this plugin and wish to support further development, you can send me a beer.

A Quick Update – What’s Happening Here?

It’s been a while since I last posted here. What with trying to get all my college assignments finished for the final deadline next week, work, a quick trip over to France and numerous other excursions, I simply haven’t really had the time.

I’ve got a few things planned for release here over the next month or so though:

  • WordPress Plugin – Custom Category Attributes
    In the past I’ve used the Custom Category Fields Plugin, but it’s not ideal, seems very temperamental and doesn’t provide all of the functionality I require. So, I’ve been developing something else, which should be finished very soon and, when it is, will be posted up here for download.
  • Parts 3 & 4 of the Web Scraping With PHP & cURL series are nearly finished and ready to be posted.
    • Part 3 will cover navigating and scraping multiple pages of a website.
    • Part 4 will cover scraping/downloading images and files.
  • WordPress Plugin – FHG (Pics/Movies) Scraper
    A WordPress plugin – primarily of use for adult webmasters – for scraping pictures and movies from FHGs and creating blog posts from them. I suppose it’s similar to UUGallery in that aspect. However, the way it functions when adding posts is more similar to the way in which galleries are added to Smart Tube or Smart Thumbs, going through each gallery to be added one by one. This will also be posted up here for free download when completed.
  • Should, finally, be getting my portfolio of work together to have up here on the site.

I’m sure there’s more that’s coming too, just need to get this last week of college work out of the way and I’ll have some time on my hands to work on this.

Get Category ID From Category Name Function [WordPress]

Working on a new WordPress plugin for a client, I found the need to get a category’s ID from the category’s name.

Surprisingly, I found that there was no WordPress function to accomplish this.

So, here’s the little one I came up with to solve the problem:

	// Function to retrieve category ID, given name -
	function get_category_id($category_name) {
		$term = get_term_by('name', $category_name, 'category');
		return $term->term_id;

Add this into your functions.php file or, if developing a plugin, into your plugin file.

Call it by passing your category name, like:

	// Assign category ID of 'Category Name' to $category_id variable
	$category_id = get_category_id('Category Name');