Categorising Digital Tools

By: Jacob Ward, Andreas Hadjiraftis




USB Stick

A USB Stick is used to store data and be portable, being small enough to carry in one’s pocket, allowing the user access to their data wherever they have a compatible computer.

It’s currently the leading portable storage device, and replaces other traditional methods of storage. It is solid-state, meaning there are no moving parts and is very durable.

As a student it is useful to easily transfer files between home and university.

It’s very easy to use, having to just insert into a USB port and then open the folder on the desktop.

It’s main attraction is in the problems it solves, being portable and relatively cheap.

It’s downsides are that in itself it is not possible to share files publicly, such as on the internet.


Skype is used for online communication between other users from around the world. It offers video, voice calls and telephone calls, along with text chat and the ability to share files.

It makes it easy to communicate with family and friends if you are geographically separated.

It is easy to install and use the application.

It is free to chat to other users on Skype and very cheap for telephone calls.

It’s downsides are that it needs to be downloaded and installed on the device that is being used.

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