Can’t Believe How Long It’s Been

I know, it’s been a while, and I was supposed to be bothering to update here on a semi-regular basis…

But, to be honest, I’ve had so much going on I literally have not had the time, but fear not, for there is a post coming (hopefully) tomorrow that may be of some interest.

I’ve been working on a database application thing-a-ma-jig for a college project, for which one of the criteria is validation… so I’ve got a nice custom PHP function coming for all your validation needs. Well, maybe not all, but a few, at least.

Also, had a little project fall through, so may post up some of the code from that for all you scrapers out there.

And… there’s a lot of ‘ands’ and ‘alsos’ today, haha, think I might do a review of the college course I’m on, so far. My last attempts failed miserably, mostly because I hadn’t been there long enough to have actually developed an accurate opinion, but now I have, I may as well write some shit about it…

…so please come back!!!

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