Photo of Jacob Ward

Jacob Ward

Professional web & mobile application developer, consultant and author.

I am a front end and full stack JavaScript web & mobile application developer, available for consulting and on a contract basis.

I am focused on providing consistent, quality code...

I am a stickler for semantic markup, accessibility, usability, performance, coding conventions, and finding simple, yet elegant, solutions to problems.

I hate comments and am an advocate of self-documenting code, whenever possible.

  skills: {
    front_end: ["HTML", "CSS", "JavaScript", "Sass", "AngularJS", "Ionic", "Bootstrap", "Foundation", "jQuery"],
    back_end: ["Node.js", "PHP"],
    database: ["MongoDB", "MySQL"],
    server: ["Linux", "Apache", "Bash"],
    version_control: ["Git", "Subversion"],
    methodologies: ["Agile", "Scrum", "Kanban", "User-Driven Development", "Mobile First", "Responsive Web Design"],
    tools: {
      build_tools: ["Grunt", "Gulp"],
      package_managers: ["npm", "Bower"],
      software: ["Atom", "MAMP", "Omnigraffle", "Sketch", "Merlin", "GIMP"]